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It’s no longer breaking news that crime is on the rise worldwide.


It’s also not breaking news that women are among the most vulnerable groups affected by crime. Women’s safety is a big concern everywhere. Most do not have a “warrior” mentality regarding self-protection, but they must know they have a right to defend themselves and others from harm by using force - they don’t have to be victims. Avoiding a potentially dangerous situation is the best protection for most women, but sometimes that doesn’t work.


Along with having a high-security awareness, it’s also essential for women to have personal protection. To that end, we introduce the Ladies' Choice 21,000,000* Self-Defense Stun Gun. It is specifically designed with women in mind.


It features a more extended, slimmer unit with finger indentions which makes holding the unit comfortable. There are nine appealing designs to choose from. As previously stated, avoidance is best in any situation, and this women’s self-defense weapon offers three options to avoid a physical altercation. First is the loud alarm. At the first indication of any potentially dangerous situation, sliding the button up, which is located on top of the stun gun, will release a piercing alarm to summon help. A second option is a bright LED flashlight. When you shine it in the direction of an assailant, the element of surprise is gone, letting them know you are aware of their presence. Lastly is the stun itself. Squeezing the activation trigger for just a second releases a loud, menacing electrical sound often sufficient to scare away any potential assailant. The rechargeable batteries and built-in electric plug mean the stun gun will always be ready to use.


The plug is located at the bottom of the unit and conveniently locks in place when you slide it open or close. You will also want to test the stun gun periodically to ensure it’s in good working order. To test the unit, ensure the disable pin (included) is engaged and the switch is in the middle position (neutral). Slide the lever up to turn on the flashlight. Squeeze the activation trigger for just a second to test the stun. To test the alarm, slide the switch to the bottom position. The disable pin is for both safety and protection. It protects when you plug it into the unit – it allows you to fire the stun gun. The safety aspect includes the wrist strap. Secure it to your wrist, and if the stun gun is snatched out of your hand, the disable pin disengages and renders it useless. The “Squeeze-N-Stun” features allow women to use the stun gun quickly and efficiently, and unlike other similar stun guns, this one can be used while the flashlight is on – no additional sliding of the switch is necessary. 


Placing the stun gun anywhere on the assailant's body will have an effect. And you don't have to be concerned about the impact of the charge being transferred to you. Even if the assailant touches you while being stunned, you will not feel the results of the charge. Touching an assailant for about a second will cause minor muscle contractions and repel them quickly. Touching them for three to five seconds will cause a loss of balance and muscle control, mental confusion, and disorientation.


The device is advised not to be used for longer than five seconds. Anywhere you use the high voltage stun gun will be effective, but the most vulnerable places on a human body to stun are the upper shoulder, the upper hip, and below the rib cage. All the effects are temporary and don't cause permanent harm, but they will allow you enough time to escape from your attacker.




Built-In Charger: Located on the bottom of the unit, the charger conveniently locks in place when you slide it open or closed. Plug it into an electrical outlet to charge it. You should charge the unit for 8 hours before its first use. After that, you only need to recharge the batteries for 8 hours every six months with regular use.


Powerful Stun Gun: Test firing this unit into the air is often enough to stop an attacker. The electric current pulsates across the top, creating an intimidating electrical sound. An attacker with any sense will be contained in his tracks. If the sight and sound don't stop him, a jolt from this unit certainly will. Touching the assailant for 1 to 5 seconds has debilitating effects, from muscle contractions to loss of balance and muscle control.


Seven Design Finishes: We have seven designs sure to please any woman.


  • Daisy   ✔
  • Pink
  • Pink Ribbon
  • Quatrefoil
  • Chevron 
  • Pattern Teal
  • Quatrefoil Navy
  • Purple Accents
  • Teal Accents


We designed the Pink Ribbon to support the fight against breast cancer financially.


LED Flashlight: This stun gun has a flashlight that provides a convenient light source whenever needed. A dependable and helpful light source can make a difference in many situations. And it doesn't have to be switched off to use the stun gun.


Loud 120 dB Alarm: The International Institute of Criminology says 68 percent of criminals will flee a scene if an alarm is sounded. Using the alarm can be your first line of defense in a tense situation because, often, it's enough to scare off an attacker.


Lifetime Warranty:The Ladies Choice Stun Guns are made by Streetwise Security, the leader in the stun gun industry. We use the highest quality components and they come with lifetime warranties.


Additional Accessories: Use the loop on the holster to slide it onto your belt or the ring to attach it to a purse or backpack. The disable pin comes with a lanyard that you can secure to your wrist and prevents the stun gun from being used if it is snatched out of your hand.




  • SKU: SWLC21D
  • Streetwise Ladies Choice Stun Gun 21M* Daisy
  • Holster
  • Lanyard with Disable Pin
  • Instructions


*Actual Voltage output is difficult to measure and verify, but this unit compares to other brands that claim to be 21,000,000 or more volts.

Streetwise Ladies Choice Stun Gun 21M* Daisy

  • SKU: SWLC21D


    Streetwise Ladies Choice Stun Gun 21M* Daisy


    • Squeeze to Stun Trigger
    • Built-in  LED Flashlight
    • Built-In Charger
    • 120 dB Alarm
    • Durable Holster
    • Lanyard with Disable Pin
    • Instructions
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