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Our streets are no longer safe. You never know what kind of trouble lurks around the next corner. You can stay indoors, live in fear, or take responsibility for your protection by carrying the new, patent-pending Streetlight 84,000,000* Self-Defense Stun Gun by Streetwise Security Products.


The Streetlight might look like an ordinary flashlight, but any bad guy who gets too close to the powerful stun gun will learn quickly that it is far from ordinary!




  • A Powerful Stun Gun: Test firing this unit into the air for less than a second is often enough to stop an attacker. The bright electric current pulsates across the top, creating an intimidating electrical sound. An attacker with any sense at all will be stopped in his tracks. If the sight and sound don't stop him, a jolt from this unit certainly will!
  • Bright LED Light: Lights your way safely at night and eliminates the need to carry a heavy, bulky flashlight.
  • Shock Proof Exterior: Military Grade aluminum alloy protects it from damage so it can always be ready to protect you.
  • Battery Status Indicator Lights: Ensures you have a full charge before heading out the door.
  • Heavy-duty Metal Belt Clip: this unit is small enough to slip into your pocket, or you can clip it to your belt or the inside of a purse.
  • Safety Switch: To prevent accidental discharge, the safety switch must be in the stun position, and the stun button must be pressed before the stun will operate.
  • Micro USB charging port: Easy to charge in your home, office, or car. A charging cord is included, but if it gets misplaced no need to search for a hard-to-find replacement cord; you can use a standard micro USB charging cord.
  • Lifetime Warranty: The Streetlight Stun Flashlight has the highest-quality components and a lifetime warranty.
  • US Patent Pending




  • Streetwise Streetlight Stun Gun  84M* Pink
  • Removable metal clip
  • USB charging cord
  • Instructions


*Actual voltage output is difficult to measure and verify, but this unit compares to other brands claiming to be 84,000,000 or more volts.

Streetwise Streetlight Stun Gun 84M* Pink

  • SKU: SWSTR84P 


    Streetwise Streetlight Stun Gun  84M* Pink


    • Bright LED Flashlight
    • Battery Status Indicator Lights
    • Removable metal clip
    • USB charging cord
    • Instructions
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