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This Stun Gun Disable Pin is designed for our Streetwise Stun Guns that require a disabling pin.


Designed for both safety and protection. It prevents an attacker from taking this stun gun away and using it on you. A strap worn around the wrist attaches to a disable pin on the bottom of the unit. If the stun gun is taken from you, the pin will pull out, preventing it from working. Removing the pin turns the unit into an ordinary flashlight for those with small children. You can store the pin and wrist strap separately to keep it safe from your little ones.




  • Lanyard: For attachment and securing to property
  • Safety Pin: Remove the pin to disable the unit




  • SKU: EDP2
  • Streetwise Security Stun Gun Disable Pin

Streetwise Security Extra Stun Gun Disable Pin

  • Streetwise Security Stun Gun Disable Pin

     (Prevents the stun feature from working)

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