SWSB32B: 32M* Stunbrella Flashlight BLACK

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SKU: SWSB32B Streetwise Stunbrella... 32,000,000* Stun Gun - BLACK Bright LED Flashlight ✳ Lightweight / Long Reach ✳ Squeeze to Stun Technology ✳ See more details below...

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▚ This umbrella will not protect you from the rain... but, it will protect you from an attacker by raining down a powerful charge on any bad guy that gets too close. This patent-pending 10-inch stun gun looks like an ordinary folded umbrella. Nowadays umbrellas are used both to protect people from the rain and the sun’s harmful UV rays so it is commonplace to see people carrying them in all kinds of weather. The Stunbrella can be carried discreetly in your hand, a purse or backpack, or stored in the car so it will always be within arm's reach and easily accessible at the first sign of trouble. Concealed stun guns give you the element of surprise that is often needed to gain an advantage over your attacker. By the time they realize you are armed with a powerful stun gun they will be on the ground wondering what happened! Additionally, the 10-inch long Stunbrella gives you an extended reach that keeps distance between you and your attacker. The stun gun works through the protective sleeve so the only time you need to remove it is at night when you want to use the bright flashlight. Features ▚ Squeeze to Stun... The stun activation button is built into the grip, making the Stunbrella... easy to use. Lightweight... Weighs less than a comparable sized real umbrella! Long Reach... No need to get too close to an attacker. Safety Switch... Thumb-Controlled safety switch prevents accidental discharge. Contoured Handle... The indented handle adds to the realism and delivers a comfortable grip. Wrist Strap... You wouldn't want to drop your umbrella in a puddle, and you sure don't want to drop your Stunbrella when you need it! Bright LED Light... The flashlight on the Stunbrella will illuminate your path at night and you can shine it in an assailant's eyes! Rechargeable Battery... Keep the Stunbrella charged by plugging it into a standard outlet. Contents ▚ SKU: SWSB32B . Streetwise Stunbrella... 32,000,000* Stun Gun Flashlight BLACK . Charging Cable . Instructions Voltage Output* ▚ *Actual Voltage Output is difficult to measure and verify, but this unit compares to other brands that claim to measure with 32,000,000 or more volts. Stun Gun Laws ▚ See stun gun laws before ordering.