Brutus Self-Defense Keychain PINK (DGPK)

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8.95 USD

SKU: DGPK BRUTUS Self-Defense Keychain PINK A Great Alternative to Pepper Spray ✳ Unbreakable ABS Plastic ✳ Strong as Metal ✳ See more details below!

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▶ This item Can Not be shipped to California. Always be safe by keeping Brutus the Bull Dog with you! FEATURES: ▶ Keep him close: He is straightforward to carry. You can attach him to your keys, and he will fit right in your pocket or purse. ▶ Durable: He's made of unbreakable solid ABS plastic. His is as strong as metal. ▶ He's easy to use: Your fingers loop through his eye holes so that you can use the tips of his ears to defend yourself against an attacker. ▶ He measures 3.5" x 2.5" ▶ Warranty: 90 days CONTENTS: ▶ SKU: DGPK ▶ Brutus Self-Defense Keychain PINK NOTE: * Please note - This item Can Not be shipped to California.