Double Down 23M* Stun Gun BLACK (SWDD23B)

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26.95 USD

SKU: SWDD23B Streetwise Double Down 23,000,000* Stun Gun - BLACK w/Bright LED Flashlight ✳ Squeeze to Stun Technology ✳ Great For Joggers ✳ See more details below!

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With its stun areas and self-defense spikes, it has never been easier to defend yourself! When carried with your arms down by your side, the powerful flashlight faces forward to light your way safely at night. The bright light can also be shined in the eyes of a potential attacker. The self-defense spikes face backward, hiding them from a potential attacker and allowing you to “hammer strike” in a natural downward motion. Also, the top side of the unit is positioned over your knuckles to protect them when punching. Finally, the two stun areas can deliver a powerful electric charge and are positioned 4 inches apart to create a large stun area and eliminate the need for pinpoint accuracy when using the stun gun. FEATURES: ▶ Squeeze to Stun ▶ Two Removable Spikes ▶ Large Stun Area ▶ Bright LED Flashlight ▶ Nylon Holster with Belt Loop ▶ Safety Switch ▶ Rechargeable Battery ▶ Lifetime Warranty CONTENTS: ▶ SKU: SWDD23B ▶ Streetwise Double Down 23,000,000* Stun Gun - BLACK ▶ Nylon Holster with Belt Loop ▶ Charging Cable ▶ Instructions NOTE: * Actual Voltage output is difficult to measure and verify, but this unit compares to other brands that claim to measure with 23,000,000 or more volts. ▶ See stun gun laws before ordering.