We provide access control products too. They can help keep you, your family, and your important things safe.

We include free with all orders above $100.00, the large 4 oz. Twist-lock Streetwise 18 Pepper Spray. Large enough to instantly repel multiple attackers at one time.   SKU: SW11TL18  ★

Access Control...


SWVK9: Streetwise Virtual K9 Barking Dog Alarm

Price: 54.99 USD
SKU: SWVK9 Streetwise... Virtual K9 Barking Dog Alarm with wireless remote control ✳ Microwave Signal ✳ Sees through walls ✳ See more details below...

SWPTA: Streetwise... PRO-TEC-DOOR Alarm

Price: 8.99 USD
SKU: SWPTA Streetwise... PRO-TEC-DOOR Alarm Great for Home and Travel ✳ Touch and Vibration Sensors ✳ Chime or 110 dB Alarm ✳ See more details below...


Price: 4.99 USD
SKU: SWMWA Mini Window Alarm Protects your Home from Intruders ✳ Magnetic Sensor ✳ 105 dB alarm ✳ See more details below...

SWSZMAK: SafeZone Motion Activated Alarm w/Keypad

Price: 8.99 USD
SKU: SWSZMAK Streetwise SafeZone... Motion Activated Alarm w/Keypad Quick and Easy Installation ✳ 20-Foot Detection Range ✳ Loud 120dB Siren ✳ See more details below...

SWPDAL: Streetwise Personal/Door Alarm w/Light

Price: 8.99 USD
SKU: SWPDAL Streetwise... Personal/Door Alarm w/Flashing Light For Home or Travel ✳ 130 Decibels ✳ Unbreakable plastic shell ✳ See more details below...

SWKLAL: Motion Activated Knight Light w/Alarm

Price: 19.99 USD
SKU: SWKLAL Streetwise Knight Light Motion Activated Light & Alarm Plus Remote Control w/Panic Button ✳ 80 lumens LED ✳ 120dB alarm ✳ See more details below...

RKL: Extra Remote for the Streetwise Knight Light

Price: 4.99 USD
SKU: RKL Extra Remote Control w/Panic Button for the Streetwise Motion Activated Knight Light & Alarm ✳ See more details below...

001: ChildSafe1: Gun Trigger Block w/Dual Alarm

Price: 49.99 USD
SKU: 001 ChildSafe1: Gun Trigger Block w/Dual Alarm ✳ Prevents Accidents ✳ Reduces Injuries ✳ Saves Lives ✳ Theft and Child Deterrent ✳ See more details below!

SWDS85: Streetwise... Door Stop Alarm

Price: 6.99 USD
SKU: SWDS85 Streetwise Door Stop Alarm 3 Sensitivity Modes High, Medium and Low ✳ 120 dB Alarm ✳ Great for Home or Travel ✳ See more details below...